About Green Path Creative

Photographer, Ryan Mastro, is the principal artist behind Green Path Creative. A father, husband and accomplished visual artist, Ryan has a deep love for the art of storytelling, a passion for adventure, and an appreciation for analogue film. He offers fine art photography and cinematography to like-minded couples from all over the world. Ryan is always searching for ways to further celebrate and enliven the people and places he photographs.

For Ryan, each wedding begins by finding common ground with new clients. Through thoughtful collaboration, he is committed to showing the uniqueness and beauty of a couple’s vision. By combining the use of modern and vintage technologies, Ryan has the palette and ability to curate a timeless collection of moments on your important day. His photography and film portfolio demonstrate a way of seeing that celebrate and transform his subjects within their surroundings. His wedding film and photo work reveal the warmth of genuine love.

Ryan’s background in photographing top musical talent has given him the ability to shoot with a freedom and accuracy perfectly suited to the dynamic nature of an important celebration. His grounding and professional presence at your wedding will assure you and delight your guests.

To work with Ryan is to meet as collaborator and part as friends.

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